Which Should You Be Focusing On – Sales Price or Interest Rate?

The landscape of the real estate market is evolving, particularly with rising interest rates, but this change brings with it some advantageous opportunities for prospective home buyers. An important aspect of this new market environment is the range of choices buyers now have in their real estate dealings. The question arises: Should a buyer prioritize the sales price, or is the interest rate the more critical factor?

With this in mind, I've created a video aimed at both buyers and sellers to encourage a reevaluation of common strategies for buying or selling property. Interestingly, you'll discover that the outcomes of these strategies, particularly in the context of financed purchases, may be quite different from what you initially expected.

Seller Buy Down - A Strategic Advantage:

This market shift opens the door for buyers to make strategic offers that significantly enhance affordability. My focus is on the "Seller Buy Down" approach—a powerful tool in my arsenal to assist you. This strategy involves structuring financing in a way that lowers the interest rate, thereby reducing monthly payments and making homeownership more accessible. However, it's crucial that this strategy is executed correctly, both in the purchase contract and within the banking arrangements, to avoid falling foul of predatory lending and high-cost loan regulations. This is where my expertise becomes invaluable.

By leveraging a Seller Buy Down, we can navigate these regulations effectively, ensuring a smooth and beneficial transaction for all parties involved.


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