Success Stories – How A $13,000 Seller Credit saved $250/month

I'm excited to share a story of triumph in the world of home buying, which shines a positive light on the concept of Seller Credits, often viewed negatively in today's market.

Consider the case of this first-time homebuyer who, despite having a solid job for over 15 years and seasoned assets, faced challenges with a fair credit rating. This rating was pushing their mortgage rate up, resulting in monthly payments that exceeded their budget. Instead of compromising on their dream home by reducing the purchase price, we took a strategic approach. By negotiating a Seller Credit of $13,000—a practice allowed up to 6% of the sale price under FHA guidelines—we managed to lower their interest rate. This adjustment led to a substantial saving of nearly $250 on their monthly payment.

This story underscores the importance of education in navigating the home buying process, demonstrating how understanding and leveraging available resources can lead to successful outcomes.


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