Success Stories – Why Credit Matters – Rescore

As a first-time homebuyer, understanding your credit score is crucial, and here's a real-life example of how an expert's help makes a huge difference:

The Challenge: A couple was ready to buy their first home. They had a credit score of 676, which was decent, but not optimal. This score was affecting the interest rate they could get on their mortgage – a higher rate meaning higher monthly payments.

The Solution: Working with an expert (like me), we carefully reviewed their credit situation. We identified an opportunity to boost their score significantly. By strategically paying down $3,000 on one of their balances, their credit score soared to 755!

The Result: This credit score jump lowered their interest rate by 0.5%. This might sound small, but it translated to saving over $175 per month on their mortgage payments. That's a saving of more than $2,000 per year!

The Bottom Line: Every credit point counts when you're buying a home. It's not just about getting approved for a loan; it's about getting the best terms possible. I make it a point to discuss and strategize credit with every client, ensuring you don't just find a house, but also secure the best financial deal for your dream home.


"Shelby was very easy to contact and readily available to answer any questions we had despite being outside of normal business hours."

camille n a

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"Shelby's effort and execution were outstanding! Great communication and ability to work through barriers in a timely manner."

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